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Holy 6.2

Holy Priest BiS list patch 6.2Multistrike/HasteWeapon: Edict of Argus Enchant: Mark of ShadowmoonHead: Countenance of the RevenantNeck: Locket of Unholy ReconstitutionEnchant: 75 MultiShoulder: Soul Priest's ShoulderguardsBack: Cloak of Hideous U...
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Phenzii0448Small Phenzii 2y

Shadow 6.2

Shadow Priest BiS list patch 6.2Auspicious Spirits (level 100 talent). Dette talent er det bedste bevægende DPS talent som Shadow Priest. Weapon: Edict of ArgusEnchant ”Mark of the Thunderlord”Head: Pious CowlNeck: Glowing FirestoneEnchant ” Gift...
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Gnomidkk0434Member avatar small Gnomidkk 2y

Discipline 6.2

Discipline Priest BiS list patch 6.2Neck:Vial of Immiscible LiquidHead:Demon Prince's Ascendant CrownLegs:Leggings of the Iron SummonerPious LeggingsTrinket:Demonic PhylacteryBack:Cloak of Hideous UnityShawl of Sanguinary RitualTrinket:Desecrated...
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